Autonomous power complex
on sewage purifying and processing of silt grounds
with the industrial production of technical carbohydrated gases and gaseous hydrogen to electric and thermal energy
on purification constructions of the city with population of 50 thousand people



The global economy has realized the transition to a stage of active growth. In the majority of the countries both investment inflows: external and internal, are accompanied by structural changes into branches, and simultaneously by the general strengthening of a competition.

In fact, there being occurred changes in an investment policy - from tactics of ‘keeping on float’ and survival, interests of proprietors and managers are being displaced aside the significant improvement of global economy and industrial parameters of the enterprise, in condition of adherence to all norms and requirements of ecological aspect.

The representation of the highest quality production, at rapid terms, with attractive pricing, the capability of variable and adequate adherence of manufacture to the market condition, thus focusing on financial parameters of the enterprise, is unique and powerful competitive advantage of the promoted organization.
These demands of modernity are addressed not only to the enterprises with leadership ambitions, but to everyone who wishes to take the place on the market in conditions of a rigid competition.
Nowadays, the introduction of innovative technologies is not a tribute of conformity with modern tendencies, but really active and viable highly effective strategy in manufacture which is probably to be realized into life when applied in production-technological process of unique nanotechnology of new generation «Electro - impulsive processing in water of organic and inorganic wastes with reception of hydrocarbon and hydrogen types of fuel» invented and developed by the corporation «Solar Alliance» which will provide low expenditure manufacture essentially reducing its cost of production calculated per unit of manufactured production.
The transition to energy - saving technology, and its introduction into manufacture, with transaction of the enterprise into consumption of fuel received of alternative energy sources where a raw-material base for the reception of energy are industrial wastes, guarantees security in self - made electric and thermal energy on the closed cycle by means of APC (Autonomous Power Complex).

Having made a decision on investment in technology, a task to be concerned the purchase of the equipment and realization of the plan on reconstruction, with simultaneously arising issues:

1.  Who and on what conditions can provide realization of the project?
2.  How to operate process of reconstruction?
3.  Where to search for contractors?
4.  Who will be responsible for quality of the project as a whole?

In search of the optimum decision, Customers today even more often apply to the “turn-key” model of the organization and performance of design works through the uniform General contractor. Quality of realization of the project on introduction of presented energy saving technology primarily depends on quality of engineering and technical works and design management put on professional path.

These days not every customer possesses such internal resource and competence.
There is also a super necessity in profound understanding of technological features of manufacture.

Possessing many engineering competences and structures, within the uniform corporation, we provide the customer with significant advantage of realization of the project through the General contractor acting from our person with granting of the quality assurance of terms and service.
Our mission is the realization of the high purposes of our Customers on reconstruction and construction of modern energy saving system providing the enterprise with high economic parameters of financial growth and complete autonomy in power supply.

With the purpose to fulfill “your dream of modern highly - profitable and ecologically safe manufacture» into life we regularly improve the quality of our innovative decisions and engineering services expanding the spectrum of highly - effective offers.




Corporation Solar Alliance has a range of services in the energy sector:
-conducting energy audits;
Development and maintenance of energy saving programs;
Development and implementation of cleaner energy-saving technologies;
Development and justification of the specific consumption rates of energy resources;
-preparation and coordination of the energy of the passport of the enterprise;
-supply of electrical energy by "green tariffs";
designing and installing turnkey technologies developed;
Corporation is ready to participate in the development of collaborative technologies.


We really can save your money!

The developed technology of electric-discharge by the Corporation in a liquid medium allows the cleaning process to obtain competitive electricity and hydrocarbon fuels.

The positive economic effect achieved by the fact that the proceeds from the sale of refined products is several times higher than operating costs.