The complex working on household sewer drains, has the following parameters:

  1. speed of processing of drains: 900 m3 per hour; (downturn of BOD not less than 2 times, COD not less than 3 times, clayless salt-resistant drilling mud(CSRDM) can be reduced to 0);
  2. the volume of generated gas: 3125 m3 per hour;
  3. calorific capacity of gas: 7 800 Kcal (natural gas: 7 800 - 8 300)
  4. the electric power which is necessary for spending for processing: 1 МWt;
  5. the volume of gas which is necessary for manufacture of 1 МWt of the electric power: 255 m3 per hour;
  6. the volume of commercialized gas: 2870 m3 per hour; 23 970 240 m3 a year;
  7. the income of realization: 48 419 884,8 UAH a year ;
  8. the price for industrial consumers 2020,25 UAH for 1000 m3 (the decision of the National Commission on Regulation of Electric-Power Industry № 769 from 01/07/2009


Legislative base of the project

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The decision of National Commission on Regulations of Electric Power Industry of Ukraine„ About the statement of the order of establishment, revising and termination of «green» - tariff acting for the subjects of economic actvities".